"If we aren’t conscious of the maxims we hold, we are at risk of slipping into just one interpretation of ourselves, and giving the power to define us to others."

-Ignis, "If There is Any, There is Only" Essay

"Spinning and scratching records had altered our realities and transformed our destinies. The free flow of thoughts from the MCee was a reminder to be unapologetic. The b-boys who took to the floors had become one with the earth again."

-Ignis, "On Hip-Hop"

"By embracing the depths of their spirit, slaves were able to recognize true divinity as a source of creation within themselves."

-Ignis, "Black Legacy: Spirit"

How can i be comfortable if i’m not using energy

How can I be meant for you if dying is my destiny

That just sounds too good to be true

I always hear that honor died, so i'm a real living fool

-Ignis, "Calypso"